Future Plan


More Power to Women

At Sodepur Waves, we envision a future where women are empowered to thrive. To achieve this, we have exciting plans to enhance our women empowerment initiatives. We aim to extend our skill development programs, providing women with the necessary tools to succeed in various fields. Additionally, we will offer entrepreneurial support to encourage women’s economic independence. Furthermore, we are determined to advocate for gender equality and expand our tailoring and stitching training, enabling women to become self-reliant and confident contributors to society. Together, we can create a more inclusive and empowered world for women.

Education Expansion

Sodepur Waves is committed to expanding our work in providing easy access to educational opportunities for the underprivileged. Our future plan involves establishing more learning centers, partnering with educational institutions, and offering scholarships to deserving students. We aim to bridge the educational gap by providing resources, mentorship, and innovative learning methods. By empowering the unprivileged with quality education, we aspire to create a more equitable society, where every individual has the chance to thrive and fulfill their potential through education.

Extending Health Support

We also have a plan in the future to expand our work in providing financial support to unprivileged individuals who require costly treatments. We plan to reach more people in need, ensuring they have access to the necessary funds for their medical care and help them combat their life-threatening diseases. By partnering with healthcare providers, raising awareness, and strengthening our network, we aspire to alleviate the burden of medical expenses and improve the health outcomes of the underprivileged.